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General greetings

In swahili culture ,you can use the following greetings to greet someone with the same age like you

Habari za asubuhi – good morning

Habari za mchana – good afternoon

Habari za jioni -good evening

If they are okay they will respond as follows ….

Ni nzuri tu,za kwako? – ni nzuri (it’s good), za kwako(of yours)

siyo mbaya – not bad

 if they are not okay , they will probably respond as follows:

siyo nzuri – not good

ni mbaya – it is bad/not okay

to show that you care if they respond “siyo nzuri or ni mbaya” You need to ask why?

You may start by saying “pole sana” – Iam so sorry” , then find out why

imekuwaje? – what happed?

It is up to them to tell you their story…. remember to end the conversation by saying again “pole sana”

They may respond by saying

“Usijali” – never mind

“nimeshapoa” – feeling better,it’s okay now

“Asante sana” – thank you much

How to wish someone a good day 

” Asubuhi njema” – wishing him/her a goodmorning

“Mchana mwema” – good afternoon wishes


“Jioni njema”- good evening wishes


“Usiku mwema” – Goodnight

Lala salama – sleep well

The respond will be

“na wewe pia” – same to you