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Family and relatives

Greeting used to salute parents or elders or family members.
How to greet parents or family members older than you.

We say “Shikamoo” which is a cultural way of showing respect to elders.

Shikamoo baba – father(baba)

Shikamoo mama – mother(mama)

Shikamoo babu – grandfather(babu)

Shimamoo bibi – grandmother(bibi)

Shikamoo shangazi -shangazi(auntie )

Shikamoo uncle -uncle(Mjomba)

shikamoo kaka – kaka(brother) – older brother, this goes by seniority

Shikamoo dada -dada(sister) this goes by seniority

The response will be
Marahaba hujambo (his/her name) eg.Marahaba hujambo Juma?
Marahaba (his/her name) hujambo? eg Marahaba Juma hujambo?

Marahaba – I receive your respect’

Marahaba hujambo?

Marahaba hujambo mwanangu?

Respond by saying one of the following

Sijambo baba
Sijambo tu babu
Sijambo kaka

Most likely,swahili greetings takes time to end. Do not be surprised if you will be asked more questions, they are all part of swahili greetings.

Ninaendelea vizuri tu baba or mama etc
Hawajambo nyumbani? – Everbody okay at home?

Watoto hawajambo? – are the kids okay?

Wazazi hawajambo? – parents okay?

Mke wako hajambo? – your wife doing okay?

Mme wako hajambo? – your husband doing okay?

There are some moments or situations where by you’re parents or someone older than you can initiates the greeting. They will say something like these

Hujambo mwanangu?
Hujambo (your name)?

The response is
Sijambo (baba,mjomba or name),shikamoo!

They will respond by either saying
Marahaba mwanangu unaendeleaje?
Marahaba kijana wangu
Marahaba, unaendeleaje?
Marahaba biti yangu
Marahaba (your name),unaendeleaje

You can answer by saying
Ninaendelea vizuri (Iam doing good)
Ninaendelea vizuri sana(Iam doing very good)
Sijisikii vizuri (Iam not feeling well)

They can respond “safi sana”,or”vizuri sana” if everything is okay,but if things are not okay they cab respond back by saying “pole sana”- Iam sorry
Safi sana .